Rock & Rave on “Oud & Nieuw” (NYE)

December 9th, 2009

Monsieur Plastique and Les Avant Nu cordially invite you:

The end is nearing (or is it? We’re not in liberty to discuss this yet, so hold yer horses!). Anyway, the end of the year IS nearing, and we’re gonna make sure it goes out with a bang.

Picture this: the most luxurious hotel in Amsterdam + a bunch of clowns with the craziest circus ever imagined and the wildest music of the moment. Yes, the Diesel U Music Rock & Rave circus tour (in collab with Loveland festival) is celebrating its last (or is it?) edition in their hometown! So put a firecracker in your a** and come party with us!

Check hier een review van Joost van Bellen’s “The greatest Rock ‘n Rave circus on tour, samen met Les Avant Nu!